Throughout 2021 I will be writing about loss, grief and bereavement. My own experiences of losing friends and family suddenly, how it affected me and those around me. I’ll also be looking at the grief that many of us have felt from early 2020 due to huge changes as a result of Covid-19. I hope you will find it helpful, for you & those in your life.

Am I crazy?

Sometimes when we’re grieving it can make us feel this way. Over the years I have lost family and friends, some expected due to illness and some – including the most recent – very sudden and completely unexpected. For me, I found that the expected deaths, although still incredibly painful were somehow a little easier … Continue reading Am I crazy?

Now What?

You’ve had the initial shock, you’ve been to the funeral, you may have even received something that belonged to the deceased that they wanted you to have . . . . What comes now? Once the initial practical tasks following a death are completed, you may feel as though you’re in limbo. You might be … Continue reading Now What?

January Part Two

The Funeral. It’s a strange feeling, I’m not going to deny it, waking up and knowing that today is the day you say goodbye to a loved one. For me, it made it feel more real. It also, in my most recent experiences, made me see how much the person who had died was loved … Continue reading January Part Two


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